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The Best Nearshoring Companies to Hire Developers from Latin America in 2023!

Explore the top nearshoring companies in Latin America for 2023. Dive into detailed reviews, compare services, and find the perfect partner to elevate your business operations and tech solutions.

The Best Nearshoring Companies to Hire from

Latin America in 2023

In the world of business, where rapid technological advancements are the order of the day, tapping into global talent pools for expertise and innovation is essential. Nearshoring, a collaborative approach involving partnering with firms in geographically close regions, has emerged as an astute strategy. Latin America, in particular, is gaining recognition as a hotbed of technological talent and innovation. This article delves deep into some of the best nearshoring companies from the region.

North American companies are increasingly gravitating towards Latin America as a preferred nearshoring location, driven by a blend of logistical, economic, and cultural factors. Proximity plays a central role; the closer geographical distance reduces travel times, making in-person meetings and visits more feasible, while time zone similarities facilitate real-time communication, crucial for agile project management. Additionally, Latin America boasts a rapidly growing tech ecosystem, replete with a skilled workforce well-versed in the latest technologies and fluent in English. Economically, nearshoring to Latin America offers North American firms a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, allowing for budget optimization. Moreover, the cultural affinities and shared values between the two regions further smoothen collaboration, ensuring a harmonious integration of teams. In essence, Latin America offers North American companies a potent mix of convenience, competence, and cost-efficiency, making it an attractive nearshoring hub.

  1. ACL (Agile Consulting Latin America) 

At the pinnacle of our list is ACL (we might be a little partial), a company that beautifully embodies dedication, passion, and a drive for technological excellence. It's not just the software solutions they offer; it's the ethos they exude. Having its roots deeply embedded for over three decades, ACL has been at the forefront of nurturing and amalgamating the brightest minds in Latin American tech.

Today, this impressive company has a presence spanning 14 countries, collaborating with over 700 adept developers. Their journey, accentuated by collaborations with industry giants like Deloitte, Oracle, and Walmart, serves as a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation. Each of these collaborations is worn as a badge of honor by ACL, a constant reminder of the trust and long-standing relationships they've meticulously cultivated over the years. Their agile methodology, fused with a deep understanding of diverse business domains, ensures projects are tailored, adaptable, and executed to perfection.Whether you need qualified software engineers or custom software development, ACL has you covered. 

  1. BairesDev

San Francisco-based BairesDev has strong operational roots in Argentina and has positioned itself as a luminary in the tech world. Their selective recruitment ensures collaboration with the crème de la crème of Latin America's tech talent, roughly the top 1%. Their commitment to impeccable service quality is evinced by their impressive client roster, featuring names such as Google and Rolls-Royce. Beyond software development, they excel in design, IT consultancy, and QA services, offering comprehensive tech solutions tailored to diverse business needs.

  1. CloudDevs

Spanning the vast expanse of Latin America, CloudDevs is a beacon of excellence in web and mobile application development. Their modus operandi is characterized by flexibility, scalability, and a laser-focused approach tailored to both budding startups and seasoned enterprises. Emphasizing transparency in every endeavor, from pricing to project milestones, they foster trust and ensure clear communication. Their standout feature is the ability to match company cultures and goals, ensuring seamless project integration and execution.

  1. Blue Coding

Originating from the sun-kissed shores of the Dominican Republic, Blue Coding's influence now permeates throughout Latin America. Their rigorous recruitment process ensures that only elite developers join their ranks. Their services, characterized by adaptability, range from providing individual developers to assembling entire dedicated teams for intricate projects. Through transparent communication and setting crystal clear expectations, they assure timely and budget-friendly project deliveries.

  1. Tecla.io

Tecla's expansive network of remote developers dispersed across Latin America is nothing short of impressive. Their unique selling proposition is their bespoke hiring process, meticulously designed to pair companies with talent that resonates with their ethos and requirements. With an extensive talent pool, they cater to a plethora of tech stacks and diverse industries, facilitating swift talent integration into businesses.

Other notable mentions:

PSL Corp: Hailing from Colombia, PSL Corp stands tall with its impeccable software engineering services. A continuous pursuit of excellence and betterment has cemented their reputation in the industry.

Globant: Globant's footprint in IT and software is monumental. Their innovative approach to multifaceted tech challenges, combined with a global presence, sets them apart from the rest.

Arkano Software: Arkano seamlessly marries technology and innovation. With specialties ranging from cloud solutions to AI-driven services, they're a one-stop-shop for digital transformation.

UruIT: With its base in Uruguay, UruIT shines in user experience and software design. Their penchant for adopting avant-garde technologies guarantees modern and pioneering solutions.

What to Consider When Choosing a Nearshore Development Firm

In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, hiring the right nearshore development firm can significantly influence the trajectory of your project's success. Selecting an ideal partner is about more than just budgetary constraints; it's about synergy, expertise, and shared vision. First and foremost, delve into the firm's technical prowess and domain-specific experience to ascertain if they're the right fit for your project intricacies. 

Another pivotal aspect is cultural alignment. Given that nearshore firms are geographically closer, the shared cultural nuances can greatly enrich collaboration, but it's essential that their work ethics, communication styles, and organizational values resonate with yours. Furthermore, it's invaluable to scrutinize their track record. Client reviews, past projects, and case studies can provide a clear lens into their consistency, reliability, and the quality of outcomes they deliver. Also, consider logistical elements like time zone proximity, which can simplify real-time interactions and agile methodologies. Last but not least, prioritize transparency. A nearshore partner that maintains clarity in terms of pricing, project timelines, and deliverables can mitigate potential ambiguities and foster a healthy, productive relationship.

Key Considerations:

Technical and Domain Expertise: Does the firm possess the requisite skills and knowledge for your specific project?

Cultural Alignment: Ensure that the firm's work values, communication protocols, and organizational culture align with yours.

Proven Track Record: Investigate their past projects, client feedback, and success stories to gauge reliability.

Time Zone Proximity: A closer time zone can streamline communication, especially for real-time updates and collaborative sessions.

Transparency: Opt for a partner that maintains clear communication about pricing, deliverables, and project milestones.


The tech dynamism of Latin America is undeniable, presenting an alluring prospect for businesses seeking to nearshore. The region offers an amalgamation of cost-efficiencies, cultural synergies, aligned time zones, and an inexhaustible reservoir of talent. As always, due diligence in selecting a nearshoring partner, backed by thorough research and alignment with business visions, is paramount. With stalwarts like ACL and other profiled companies leading the brigade, Latin America's future in the global technological landscape is undeniably luminous.

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